At iProTech we offer real world experience and training through our IT apprenticeship programmes. They typically lasting between 12 to 18 months and you will gain work experience with an employer whilst earn an income and achieving industry recognised qualifications.
We specialise in recruiting IT professionals and software developers. Our recruitment consultants are members of the REC and we adhere to a code of best practice that ensures all our clients and candidates are provided with a reliable and…
Kick Start your career in IT by calling us today or register online. At iProTech we offer a range of courses and jobs opportunities aimed at IT professionals, developers, graduates and career changers. Through our IT Solutions divisions…
Thinking of moving to the Cloud? Call us today. Our IT professionals can provide Cloud solutions to ensure maximum up time of your company network, server and computers. Rapid response times ensure that all potential disasters are dealt…


  • After graduating from college I felt that I didn’t get the necessary experience to go forward in the sector I desired, until I came across iProTech. This Apprenticeship has provided me with the skills and expertise to excel with a highly rewarding career in IT.

    Abdir Abazay


  • I went to sixthform and realised that school was not for me. Then I found out about this IT Apprenticeship, it has changed my life and made me more interested in what I do. iProTech has motivated me to try out different things from recruitment to gaming.

    Malek Chaouachi


  • After completing my GCSE’s I had no idea what to do next so I decided to try out going to sixth form. I stayed in sixth form for about four months and I realised it’s just wasn't for me. Then I applied for an apprenticeships with iProTech and now I am involved in IT recruiting and marketing. I don’t regret my decisions to switch as I'm very pleased with my role as an apprentice.

    Donia Chaouachi


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