Why are Apprenticeships worth considering?

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Why are Apprenticeships worth considering?

Over the years young people have been under the impression that gaining a university degree is the only way to gain a career. This perception has made it difficult for apprenticeships to appeal to the mainstream as another good alternative to pursue a career. However, many people including employers are starting to see the true potential in what apprenticeships has to offer, as it can benefit both the young person and the employer.

So what exactly is an apprenticeship? 

An Apprenticeship provides young people with real world experience and training, whilst earning an income over a minimum of 12 months. This is particularly worthwhile if you want to pursue a career in IT, because you would gain the necessary skills and qualifications which can be equivalent to gaining a degree. This would impress potential employers who would more likely want to hire a candidate who already has experience in the field.

Many young people are now realising there are more pathways when choosing which route to pursue a career, than just the traditional view of studying a degree at university. The government has also discussed plans to focus on the increase of apprenticeships in businesses, as they believe this can truly benefit young people. If more young people considered choosing an apprenticeship it could potentially reduce the problem of candidates not having the necessary experience or essential skills when applying to jobs.

If you want to work in a fast-paced industry and pursue a rewarding and exciting career, a career in IT might be just for you. To find out more about our IT apprenticeships, call us now on 0207 183 7967, email us at training@iprotech.net or complete our contact form.